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VPNPIX was created by a small team of digital enthusiasts, keeping one goal: improving the VPN user’s experience while making it safer. This small team has turned into a whole community over the years as we introduce more and more features based on our reader’s needs. 


The internet of today offers practically limitless options and possibilities, but it also carries risks. VPNs and cybersecurity are topics that many consider complex and technical. Therefore, we strive to present these topics in the most accessible and transparent manner possible to help you make a better decision.

Is it important to use a VPN? 

A VPN can help you avoid the companies that monetize by selling your data to the ones that add unnecessary cookies for marketing purposes to plain old hackers looking to steal your details for different purposes; all your activities can be watched or tracked anytime you browse the web. Apart from this, you can also use a VPN service to safely navigate your choice of content in every country.

Hundreds of different VPN service providers have already filled that gap in the market, but the question of which one to choose remains a big question mark.

There are several VPNs to select from, and the standard is rising. Real needs analysis is the first step in the VPN selection process. That is where VPNPIX comes in. We sort through different VPN services by testing them and reviewing them so that you invest in the right one for your need. 

Is it important to use a VPN
Be a part of our community

Be a part of our community

VPN makes things easy for you. That is a fact that we do not challenge. However, not all VPNs are worth investing your time and money in, as there are a few considerations.

Privacy is a crucial factor. The VPN provider does have access to your browsing information. Even though a VPN prevents others from viewing your activity, they might be looking at it themselves. So you wouldn’t want to invest in something that is part of the problem, so we make sure to go through each word carefully and analyse it for you. 

Speed is needed. We evaluate your connection by measuring its download and upload speeds and ping time, and then we deduct points from your speed rating depending on the lack it brings.

How do we rate VPN services? 

We rate each VPN through a deep dive into how individual VPNs perform in terms of speed, user-friendliness, security and privacy. We also analyse usability, value for money and every term and condition that comes with it.

But we do more than this!

The VPNPIX team understands your concerns; therefore, we have produced a guide that will help you with any problems you might face in using your VPN correctly and getting a run for your money. You can also contact us for help if/when needed. Apart from this, we help you narrow down your picks and choose the right one based on your needs through our comparison page. 

Hop on to the journey of safe, unlimited browsing with VPNPIX today. 

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