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Editor’s VPN Picks for 2023

Here are November’s best VPN services by category, carefully tested and reviewed by our VPN experts.

How We Test VPN Services

We test VPNs in a number of categories, across all of our reviews and in some of our best VPN lists. Here are the categories we use to evaluate each VPN.

Privacy & Logging Policy

A VPN’s logging policy is one of its most important features. We read every word of each one to fully understand exactly what they log, where they store their logs, and how long they keep them.

Speed & Reliability

We calculate the download and upload speeds and ping time of your connection, and then subtract marks from the speed rating depending on how drastic the loss is.

Features, Encryption & Security

This category is made up of many individual criteria, most of which relate to the technical side of a VPN.

Streaming & Torrenting

We subscribe to popular streaming services from around the world, and we use a VPN to test access.

Ease of Use & Customer Support

We submit support tickets, make phone calls, get on chat and more to see how long it takes for the VPN company to respond to common issues.


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