Electro VPN Review 2023 – The Fastest VPN Service?

Super Secure Electro VPN offers considerable security when it comes to your internet connection. With the help of this app, you can protect yourself from assaults, encrypt your data, and browse the web anonymously.

Super Secure Electro VPN Features

Super Secure Electro VPN Features


A team of professionals created the secure and robust encryption techniques that you will find within Electro VPN. They function like natural armor, being dependable, powerful, and unbreakable. The encryption techniques used by Electro VPN protect your data from theft and maintain the privacy of your connection.


Their list of Internet servers is extensive. Electro VPN servers offer infinite connections and fast performance. They enable you to continue browsing while anonymous. The speed and options for destinations are available.


– There is also an expert tool available from Electro VPN to help analyze your traffic. Using the meter, you may examine details about your connection, like your location, postal code, and more.

– You can also determine your connection speed thanks to the accurate speed measurement!

-You may pick from various server locations throughout the world thanks to Electro VPN’s extensive list of locations. 

Who created Electro VPN?

Who created Electro VPN

JOKAF LTD created the Super Secure Electro VPN app. JOKAF LTD was the developer of the app. JOKAF LTD is a company that owns and runs a website. Because the business values your privacy, they go to considerable lengths to offer a service that satisfies the strictest requirements for user privacy.

Super Secure Electro VPN collects your data and information like any other app. They collect personal information, Statistical Information, and browsing history. They also use third-party advertising companies. 


You are not required to register for our goods at this time. Therefore, they don’t ask you to do so. They don’t ask for personal information like your name, address, or other identifiers like your social security number. To handle your questions, fulfill your requests, and enhance our services, they may keep a record of any direct conversations you have with them as well as the Personal Information that goes along with them.

They will only use personal information to handle your requests, address your questions, and enhance our services. Suppose a party agrees to preserve your privacy in line with these conditions. In that case, they may share all or part of your Personal Information with their subsidiary companies, joint ventures, or other businesses they currently control or may in the future.

If not, they won’t share your personal information with anybody else unless:

  • They are compelled to do so as a condition of any litigation between you and JOKAF LTD.
  • They are ordered by the court to do so.
  • If the operation of the Website is transferred to a third party, that party must agree to protect your information at least in the same way as described in this privacy statement.

For as long as it takes to complete the tasks for which it was collected (see above), to safeguard the legitimate interests (such as during legal proceedings or for inspection purposes), to comply with statutory obligations, or for as long as the consent has been given, they will retain your personal information.


The type of browsing server you are using, your Internet address, the URL you just came from and how long you spent at that URL, cookies, your domain type and server, and other non-identifying information on how people use their products are among the non-identifying information they gather and aggregate.

Browsing History and IP

They gather information about your use of their product, including URL and Statistical Information of websites you may be viewing, in order to expedite, improve, refine, customize, and match the identification and presentation of their goods and JOKAF LTD results to your browsing interests and habits. 

Note that Browsing History is aggregated independently for each unique IP in order to continually develop their products and give the most appropriate accurate technology and data results for each distinct location in order to understand Internet trends statistics better, even though they would never collect any Personal Identifiable information supplied to such websites.

In spite of this, IP addresses are anonymous and do not reveal the name of the person using the device; your ISP is the only party with knowledge of this information. They only identify a device connected to the Internet and its geographical location.

Additionally, IP addresses given by ISPs are typically dynamic and susceptible to frequent modification; static IP addresses are typically only provided upon explicit customer request and frequently come with an additional cost.


For the purpose of serving adverts on our website, they work with outside advertising firms. In order to customize the adverts that are displayed to users on a particular third party’s website, these parties may employ cookies and other technologies installed on users’ computers. Please take note of the following regarding the cookies and actions of such third parties:

  • Such usage is exempt from these terms and is governed by the parties’ privacy policies.
  • You must go to the websites of the third parties in question in order to “opt-out” of their cookies; just clicking the “opt-out” button from receiving their cookies will not achieve this for you.
  • They are not accountable or liable in any way for the sort of information gathered by such third parties cookies since they do not monitor or regulate the third parties cookies.
  • You will still see online ads even if you choose not to receive cookies. It does imply that you will no longer receive adverts from the website where you opted out that are specific to your tastes and online behavior.
  • Online advertising for JOKAF LTD incorporates remarketing using Google Analytics.
  • Google and other third parties may display JOKAF LTD advertisements on websites around the Internet.

Why is JOKAF LTD the best service provider?

Integrated app development solutions

They handle the complete process of developing a concept into a fully mobile solution, including testing and market research. This covers everything, including cross-platform and native iOS and Android mobile development, as well as product strategy and UI/UX design.

Highly experienced app creators

They have produced over 100 digital products in the past six years for various businesses, so they are well-versed in what it takes to create an effective mobile or online application. The senior level of knowledge in their industry has been attained by about 40% of their team members. You may relax knowing that your product is in excellent hands.

Emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness first.

Agile methodology is used to ensure prompt delivery and efficient client communication. Two-week sprints and stand-ups are examples of this. They are able to give our customers outstanding product value. They recommend quick validation and early and frequent user testing.

Excellent communication and clever and entertaining individuals

The client teams and the company’s teams collaborate closely. This has several communication benefits and lessens many common problems with outsourcing development. It’s undoubtedly why our clients visit our stunning headquarters for training and working sessions so frequently.

Super Secure Electro VPN Conclusion

Super Secure Electro VPN is undoubtedly among the best VPN services for your IOS systems you can find. With its user-friendly but functional UI, Super Secure Electro VPN has experienced tremendous growth these past few months. 

You can contact them by letter, in person, or by email if you have any questions or concerns about how your data is processed or anything related to the app. These concerns or questions might include information on your rights, such as the right to access and correct inaccurate data.

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