How to Install and Use Tuxler VPN for Chrome (100% Free)

Hundreds of VPNs have come and gone, being forgotten in mere days. Tuxler VPN, however, is an up and coming community-powered VPN that is, without a doubt, here to stay. However, sometimes using a VPN application can get annoying, as you might not want applications on your device that aren’t your browser to be influenced by it.

That’s where the Tuxler VPN Google Chrome extension comes into play.

Down below you’ll find a step by step guide on how to install the free VPN chrome extension, as well as some common issues users face and how to fix them. 

How to Set up the Tuxler VPN Extension For Chrome

How to Install and Use Tuxler VPN for Chrome
Install Tuxler VPN for Chrome
To set up the Tuxler VPN extension on Chrome, follow the steps below.
Download Tuxler VPN Extension

Open your Google Chrome browser, and search ‘Tuxler VPN Chrome extension’. Click on the very top result that pops up, which reads ‘Residential VPN | Tuxler’ or just click here to chrome web store.

Tuxler VPN Extension Step 1 Download Tuxler VPN Extension
Install the Extension

On the Chrome web store page, you’ll find the option to ‘Add to Chrome’. Click on it, and you’ll instantly see a pop-up at the top of your screen. On the pop-up, click on the ‘Add extension’ option, and wait for the Tuxler VPN extension to install.

Tuxler VPN Extension Step 2 Install the Extension

Once you get the notification that the TuxlerVPN extension has been successfully installed, click on the VPN’s icon at the top right of your screen. If you don’t see the icon, then first click on the puzzle icon, and then on the pin icon next to Tuxler VPN.

Download and Install the Tuxler VPN Application
Step3 Download and Install the Tuxler VPN Application

Now, while with other extensions you would be able to use the VPN now, Tuxler has non-premium subscribers download and installs an executable file on your system. Clicking the Tuxler icon at the top right of your screen will give you a prompt to download that file, which you have to click on.

The browser will prompt you to install a file, “TuxlerChromeExtensionHelperApp.exe”, which will require a space of 10 MB on your computer.

Install and download the .exe file. Run it. follow the onscreen instructions, and complete installation.

Start Surfing the Internet Safely
Step4 Start Surfing the Internet Safely

Finally, with the Tuxler application installed, go back to your browser, click on the extension icon at the top right again, and toggle the VPN on. With this, you’ll finally be connected to your selected server and your browsing will be much safer.

While this process is longer and more of a hassle when compared to other VPN browser extensions because you still have to download Tuxler VPN application, using the browser extension makes it so that your other applications remain unaffected by Tuxler.

Common Tuxler VPN For Chrome Issues

The Browser Extension Can’t Connect to Server

If the browser extension isn’t able to connect to a server, then try doing the following things

  • Connecting to a different server, as the server you’re trying to connect to might be down
  • Checking if you’re able to load other websites and pages to ensure it isn’t an internet issue.
  • Restart your device.
  • Ensure the browser and the extension are both up to date.
  • Reset your extension back to its default settings.

‘Blocked by Admin’ Error on Google Web Store Page

If, when attempting to install the Tuxler VPN for Chrome, instead of ‘Add to Chrome’, you get ‘Blocked by admin’, there’s an issue with the Chrome profile you’re signed in with. To fix this:

  1. Log out of whatever account you’re currently using
  2. Close the Google Chrome window
  3. Open a new window and sign in to a different account
  4. Go back to the Tuxler VPN Chrome web store page.

Now you most likely will be able to add the Tuxler VPN for Chrome extension to your browser without any issue.

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