Flash VPN Review 2023- Everything You Need to Know About It

Almost every other person on this planet has access to the internet. It is a vast sea of information and entertainment. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could reach every bit of the internet without facing any problems? But some sites and apps are usually blocked or banned in some regions.

VPNs were invented to get rid of this problem. Using a VPN gives you access to everything available on the internet. But, choosing the right VPN can be a hassle as there is a lot of saturation in the app market. After running multiple tests, we have found the best VPN for android phones, i.e., Flash VPN. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Flash VPN?

FlashVPN offers its users a whole VPN proxy for their mobile phones. Its interface is straightforward and user-friendly that is easy to use. This proxy is free to download and use, although it comes with its monthly premium packages discussed in the blog below. 

There are a few drawbacks, as all free VPN services usually have. But still, it has managed to be one of the top rated and most downloaded VPNs of all time. 

Is Flash VPN safe to use?

You would be happy to know that FlashVPN encrypts all the data you provide and keeps it safe, so you don’t have to worry about your information being shared with any third party.  

Open wifi networks are risky to use as people can easily hack your mobiles and steal all your data from them. It is necessary to turn on your VPN to stop data sharing. For this purpose, FlashVPN is the best for android users. 

Location of Flash VPN’s Servers:

FlashVPN was initially incorporated in Hong Kong, but it has servers in the United Kingdom, America, and Japan. You can effortlessly browse sites and blocked apps from these countries. Using this proxy, you can also access other locations like France, Singapore, and Germany. 

Is Flash VPN available on PlayStore?

Yes, FlashVPN is available for free on Google PlayStore. It offers a wide range of benefits. You are missing out on so much if you haven’t downloaded it yet. Even if you don’t write its full name on your search bar and just look for VPN, you will find this one among the top results because Google wants its user to download the best one. 


Currently, this masterpiece has 4.4 stars rating on google play which is very difficult to get because users don’t hesitate before giving 1 or 2 stars after facing even a minor inconvenience. 

Another interesting fact about its rating is that it was rated 2.2 at the start of 2022, and now by November 2022, it has reached 4.4, a sharp rise. This indeed speaks of the effort the developers have put in to make it handy for their users. 

Reviews on PlayStore: 

Just like any other app, FlashVPN has mixed reviews on PlayStore too. The ratio of good to poor reviews is high. And the best part is that they quickly respond to users’ complaints and fix issues.

Why should I use Flash VPN?

FlashVPN has always prioritized its users over their profits and gains. After using it on our mobile phones, we found it very helpful for users. There is a range of reasons that can convince you to choose this VPN for your device. We have listed some of them below: 

Easy to use: 

There are a lot of VPNs available that offer multiple benefits to users, but their interfaces are difficult to understand and handle. Gladly, this is not the case with FlashVPN, as the easy two-step process of choosing the server and clicking o connect icon is done in a maximum of two to three seconds. Yes, you read that right; it’s all you need to do and enjoy free proxy.


If your mobile phone is running out of space and the VPN that you usually use is taking a lot of it, FlashVPN is the solution for you, and it only uses 11MB of your disc space which is significantly less than other VPN applications. 


Although FlashVPN is free to use, it offers premium packages for extra features that won’t break the bank, unlike other expensive VPNs. The offers cover from 1 month to 19 months at very reasonable prices. 


As there are no time limits, you can remain well-protected throughout the day and night without having any worry in your mind. There are also no DNS leaks because of the double encryption feature so internet censorship won’t be a problem. 

The toggle switch is also available to ensure the Smart Tunnel feature works efficiently. 


The proxy service of FlashVPN doesn’t need any configuration, and it provides at least half of your internet connection’s bandwidth. It is best for you if you do light streaming and downloading. 

Netflix Availability:

The primary reason for using any proxy is to access geo-blocked websites like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.; most free VPNs don’t offer free access to restricted sites. But this is not the case with FlashVPN, as streaming of almost all banned sites is available on it. 

Cons of Using Flash VPN: 

With plenty of pros, FlashVPN comes with some cons too. But they won’t cause much trouble as they can be dealt with smoothly. We have explained them below: 


You must know now that FlashVPN is a free proxy service. So, to make profits, the free version of this VPN uses popup ads, which may sometimes annoy users.

Data Logs: 

Even though FlashVPN doesn’t monitor your device’s traffic, it logs your personal information when needed and saves it in its secure servers. But to tackle this issue, you can request your data to be deleted. 


Getting so much from such a free light-sized VPN has to be the best deal. The incredible advantages of FlashVPN outnumber its cons. If you ask us, we suggest you buy one of the premium packages to simplify the streaming and downloading process. 

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