How to Fix Urban VPN Connection Error 2023

A VPN connection was developed to provide a means of maintaining your privacy and anonymity online. Many people use VPN connections all around the world to boost their security and privacy. There are numerous VPN providers that might provide customers with the best service possible. One such product that could help you optimize your connection and VPN settings is Urban VPN.

What is Urban VPN Connection Error?

What is Urban VPN Connection Error

The Urban VPN app offers a way to stay up with the expanding number of online users who use VPN connections. Demand for content has increased, making it harder for users to access websites that are only accessible to those who have paid for their services. When your computer tries to connect to the internet, an Urban VPN connection error may appear.

With the help of the Urban VPN service, individuals and organizations can easily access the content. This app keeps us safe and secure online for encrypted data transfer. Bad VPN usernames and passwords are the primary reason for this issue. When creating your VPN settings, it is vital to pick a strong password that cannot be easily cracked. This stops unauthorized individuals from seeing your browsing history and personal information. Since strong passwords are challenging for hackers to guess or crack, many people neglect to use them.

Reasons Why Urban VPN is Not Working

Reasons Why Urban VPN is Not Working

There are many possible reasons why Urban VPN connection error occurs, but the most obvious issue is that it is struggling to keep up with demand.

According to stats, 1 out of 3 people use a VPN on their devices. This is a huge number, and it can affect the VPNs efficiency, especially the free ones like Urban VPN. This can be a possible reason because it is a very popular VPN among users. However, other reasons can also cause this problem.

Incorrect VPN Protocol

The most common reason for an Urban VPN connection error is that the user entered the wrong username and password. This occurs when you pick a weak or simple password for hackers to guess. If someone has stolen your identity, they could be able to access your account without your knowledge using a VPN or direct links if they have your password. 

VPN Overload

You can have connection issues as a result when attempting to download files or access websites using Urban VPN. Your computer’s ability to connect to the internet will be greatly hindered if a server is flooded with users. In order to avoid any issues with their servers, Urban VPN service providers may cut back on the amount of users.

Expiring Software

If the VPN software expires, it will eventually lose its capacity to connect to the internet. This occurs when the software’s expiration date has passed, and it no longer works. While viewing websites with urban VPN connection failures, you may suffer connection problems even though the data will transfer between your machine and the server without any issues.

Installation Issues

There are several potential reasons for the Urban VPN installation process to fail. Incorrectly reading and failing to follow all setup steps could result in an Urban VPN connection error. This includes cases where an older operating system prevents the application from connecting to your machine or where an outdated system temporarily prevents the installation from functioning properly.

Working Methods to Fix Urban VPN Connection Error

Working Methods to Fix Urban VPN Connection Error
Fix Urban VPN Connection Error
Here are some proven methods you should use if Urban VPN won’t connect:
Check Internet Connection

Ensure your computer is connected to the internet. Even though it may seem simple, check your network connection. If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, check that your device is linked to the right access point.

Change VPN Connection

Join a fresh VPN server. Through a VPN, you can typically connect to a range of servers. If the server you’re connecting to is having issues, you can get one of several typical VPN error codes. Try switching servers to see if it fixes the issue.

Restarting the Software

Make sure to restart the browser plug-in or VPN software. If changing the VPN server does not work, you might need to restart the VPN software or browser plugins. After cutting the connection to the VPN server, restart the software. Close any installed browser plugins entirely before reopening the browser. In order for the plug-in to function once more, your browser’s cache might need to be cleaned.

Updating the VPN

Ensure that your VPN software is up-to-date. Software for VPNs is often updated. To minimize performance degradation and ensure bug-free operation, ensure you use the most recent version of your software. You can typically check for updates under the VPN menu under the settings page to get the most recent update for your VPN. By accessing the settings of your VPN software, you can also configure your VPN to update itself automatically.

Reinstalling the VPN

Reinstalling the most recent VPN software package is recommended. If nothing works, reinstall the VPN software and Urban VPN. By going to the website of the VPN provider, you can download the most recent software for your device or operating system. By first deleting any outdated packages, you can start fresh.

Switching to Different VPN Protocols

VPN tunneling protocols need to be updated. Go to your VPN settings and try using OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, or IKeV2/IPSec. If you’re still having difficulties connecting, there might be a problem with the point-to-point tunneling protocol used by the VPN.

Urban VPN Alternatives to Try

If you have tried the methods mentioned above and are still facing Urban VPN connection error, then you can also try other VPN software. Here are some of the best alternatives for Urban VPN that you can try.


Urban VPN Alternatives ExpressVPN

The best VPN is still ExpressVPN. When playing cat and mouse with online streaming websites, ExpressVPN typically excels (apart from BBC iPlayer). Additionally, and perhaps most crucially, it always has servers that are accessible to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, etc. This gives its users a steady supply of servers that aren’t blocked anytime one of its servers is added to a blacklist. Naturally, this is a useful feature if you’re looking for a VPN to unblock streaming websites. Its app is simple to use and available for free download on almost any device you can imagine. Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, FireStick, Android TV, and Roku.

The fact that this VPN’s software has a practical approach to user management is another major factor in why it is so effective in unblocking TV streaming websites (that emphasize to ban VPNs). ExpressVPN operates differently than other VPNs, which appeals to clients by giving them access to hundreds or thousands of servers across numerous nations. There aren’t many server locations available with ExpressVPN. The software handles the remaining steps when you choose your location. You will be put on the quickest server that isn’t overloaded.


Urban VPN Alternatives NordVPN

The most popular VPN in the world is NordVPN. And it’s clear why. It’s well-designed software that offers quick access to a huge network of VPN servers. As for unblocking well-known streaming services like US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, etc., it is the most dependable. This is because NordVPN aggressively invested in its network of IP addresses in strategic areas and established a full-time technical team to monitor its servers’ connections with well-known TV streaming services. It’s also noteworthy that NordVPN has led the industry to develop Nordlynx technology. 

WireGuard, a novel VPN tunneling protocol created to perform better than current standards, is used in the development of Nordlynx (OpenVPN and IPSec). While connected to a VPN, the advantages, according to NordVPN, include noticeably better transmission speeds. 


Urban VPN Alternatives Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a great choice if you’re looking for a top-notch VPN with even better pricing. The BBC iPlayer can be streamed in HD from any location in the world using this VPN. The results of my recent testing of the software on Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and FireStick were outstanding, easily unlocking BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and other services. Regarding its UX, the Ivacy app is a little different. You must choose the individual BBC iPlayer server rather than only the UK server.

You can add on a dedicated IP for an additional $1.99/month (£1.74). With this, you can purchase exclusive access to an IP address in the nation of your choice, which means you won’t have to share your IP (or speeds) with anybody else. Don’t worry; this is not a problem; by connecting to a specialized BBC iPlayer server, you are just connecting to an IP address that Ivacy is aware of as being compatible with BBC iPlayer.

Private Internet Access

Urban VPN Alternatives Private Internet Access

This VPN is one of the best in the business for avoiding VPN restrictions on streaming websites. One of the top no-log VPN services is Private Internet Access, which has more than 1 million paying users. It offers dependable connectivity to services like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and US Netflix. In order to share the account with your close friends, it also permits 10 devices to connect to its servers simultaneously. Private Internet Access offers a live chat support service that is available around the clock to help you.


Urban VPN Alternatives CyberGhost

One of the older VPNs on the market is CyberGhost. It features a reliable global network of servers that have been tested and established. According to the tests conducted over the past few months, CyberGhost has no issue unblocking popular streaming services like HBO Max, US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Surprisingly, CyberGhost’s one-day, risk-free trial is its most distinctive feature. This deal is appealing to customers who are just starting to use VPNs. Try not to get too taken in by the offer, but keep in mind that the majority of reliable VPNs will provide consumers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Urban VPN services function flawlessly. A problem with the software or the browser is typically the cause of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) issue. The following elements could be causing problems with your VPN: VPN servers that are working to their full potential—using a VPN client that is outdated.

It is recommended to update the tunneling protocol used by VPNs. You can test out OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, or IKeV2/IPSec by accessing your VPN settings. If all else fails, you should reinstall the VPN software and give it another shot.

We hope the solutions provided in this article will assist you in resolving the Urban VPN connection error. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional help if you are still having this problem. We would be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My VPN Connection Keep Failing?

Firewalls, blocked ports, out-of-date VPN software, or even network issues can prevent you from using a VPN to connect to the internet. Check to see if the right ports are open, your VPN software is up to date, and your firewall permits the use of the VPN.

Does Urban VPN Have Any Limits?

With Urban VPN, you can continuously stream content from all of your connected devices. There are no limits.

Why is the Urban VPN Not Working Properly on My Phone?

Please check that you are using the correct urban VPN settings if the urban VPN on your phone is not functioning properly. Check for the most recent app update as well. To see if that helps, you may also try connecting to a new server or nation.

Why is VPN Not Working with Netflix?

Recently, all urban VPN IP addresses have been blacklisted by Netflix. Therefore, in order to access Netflix, you must use a different urban VPN server. You can also use the specific Netflix servers provided by urban VPN. Please get in touch with urban VPN support for additional details.

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