NHL66 Not Working: What’s The Cause and How to Resolve It?

Hockey is one sport that’s growing in popularity all over the world. Even families that weren’t enthusiastic about the sport may develop a certain level of interest if someone they know becomes a hockey player. More than a million individuals play the sport, which means that at least 1 million households will want to watch hockey matches. For those who can’t get tickets to watch the live action in real-time physically, NHL66 has made its case as a wonderful alternative.

If you’re a hockey fan, you must have heard of NHL66. This streaming website has made it possible for lovers of the sport to experience live action from start to finish. To use this streaming service, you’re required to visit the website. Thankfully, this streaming service is accessible to hockey lovers from around the world. However, there’s a dent in this service which provides live streams of hockey matches to viewers across the world. There are cases of NHL66 not working in certain countries due to geo-based restrictions. 

So if you can’t access this service from your country or location, at least you know why now. It has more to do with where you’re streaming from and less to do with the functionality of the website. Now that the problem has been identified, the next step of action is to find a solution to the problem. That being said, how can you resolve this issue and get NHL66 up and running on your device despite the ge0-blocking?

How to Fix the Issue of NHL66 Not Working?

There are a couple of proven methods that you can execute to fix this issue. They include;

Using a VPN

Just like other streaming services, NHL66 is affected by geolocation. This wards off viewers from certain parts of the world by restricting their access to the website’s features and content. One common way to beat this system is using a virtual private network (VPN). There are numerous VPN applications – both paid and free. Some are averagely good, while certain notable ones are excellent. We recommend using a good VPN to access the website and stream live hockey matches. 

When you browse on the net, the identity of your location is revealed or exposed to the internet service provider. If your location is on the blacklist for certain websites, your access will be restricted. Using a VPN prevents this from happening because it masks your location. The application routes your internet traffic through a server in a different country. This routing also masks your IP address and presents you with a temporary IP address that will be traced to another country. This makes it appear like you’re accessing the website from a different location. 

Aside from the website, you become anonymous on the entire internet space as long as you’re using a VPN. The government and your internet service providers will be in the dark about your online activity. An added benefit of using the VPN for NHL66 is that it will ensure you stream live hockey matches without experiencing lags or buffers. 

To use the VPN:

  • Go to your application store and download a high-quality VPN (whether you go for paid or free is your choice)
  • Install the version that’s compatible with your device (install the web version of the app if you’re using your PC to stream and the mobile version if you’re using your smartphone)
  • After installation, ensure that you enable the application before you access the website.

Purchasing a 24 Network Subscription

A 24 network subscription is more or less a cheat sheet for IP addresses. This paid internet service will give you access to hundreds of IP addresses. In fact, this service can give you up to 254 usable IP addresses. This means that you’ll have access to multiple anonymous identities on the internet. When your real IP address is hidden, internet service providers cannot detect your true location. Therefore, your access cannot be restricted.


The issue of the NHL not working is a simple one to resolve as long as you have the information in this article. Some government regulations and internet service providers shouldn’t prevent you from viewing live hockey matches. You may notice that while trying to access the website, you get redirected to https://robosports.ir. It’s nothing to worry about because both websites perform similar functions.

Frequently Asked Questions about NHL66 

Is NHL66 an illegal website?

The short answer to this question is yes. First off, any website that provides free streaming services of any kind (whether it’s for sports events, TV shows, music, or movies) without copyright, permission to use the content, or any other kind of legal allowance is obviously doing it illegally. NHL66 falls into this category, and this makes it an illegal website. For this reason, you may notice that you’re usually redirected to other websites when you try to access NHL66. 

Is it safe to browse NHL66?

Being an illegal website doesn’t necessarily make it unsafe to navigate. There are certain factors to determine if a certain website is safe or not to access. The first factor is the validity of its HTTP connection. NHL66 ticks that box because its HTTP connection is legit. Secondly, NHL66 is not detected on any domain blocklist status. Thirdly, the website is very popular (it’s ranked 57,345th in the world). In summary, NHL66 is safe to browse.  

How to unblock NHL66 for your country?

If you find yourself in a location from which you can’t have normal access to the NHL66 website, then you can access the website by using a highly-rated virtual private network or buying a 24 network subscription. The former routs your internet traffic through a server in a location that’s not impeded from accessing NHL66. On the other hand, the latter gives you several usable IP addresses for surfing the website. Both of them keep you anonymous online, but the VPN may come with some extra perks.

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