Tuxler VPN Review (2023): Details, Features, and Pricing

Are you looking for a free version of a secure and effective VPN? Well, this is a tough thing to find out on the internet.  We all know that using a free VPN is not a good idea nowadays because there are so many security dangers attached to browsing through a free vpn. However, among several reputable VPN service providers, Tuxler VPN is a must try. It is effective enough to work in almost all regions of the world to keep its users anonymous and access blocked platforms. Let’s have a look at how Tuxler VPN is a good option by reading this review guide till the end. 

What is Tuxler VPN?

What Is Tuxler VPN

A Tuxler VPN is a virtual private network for connecting your device with a different IP address. VPN protects you and your data from leaking while using the internet. Through this VPN, nobody can track you, even your service provider. With Tuxler VPN, you can keep your online activity personal and access websites your country restricts.

In some countries, the government blocks some internet content for security reasons, or some countries have some geographical restrictions. Whatever the objects may appear, a good VPN like Tuxler overcomes them and allows you to unblock such websites you want to enter. Tuxler VPN provides a huge number of locations. After installation of their application, you will be able to use their freemium vision. Furthermore, You can contact their customer service if you have any technical issues or queries. Their team works 24/7 and answers questions within a couple of minutes.

Features of Tuxler VPN

Features of Tuxler VPN

It has many features that make it a distinctive VPN because it provides its services without charge.  Many individuals have opted to download and install Tuxler VPN on their devices. Below, we’ll explain why it’s one of the products that customers use the most.

Ease of use

Many of its users have acknowledged that it is among the simplest and easiest-to-use VPNs in their reviews and comments posted online. The VPN is ready to use after less than five minutes of downloading, installing, and configuring the necessary software on the computer.

It merely takes a single click to modify your IP and connect to a considerably faster server when the Tuxler application is installed correctly and you have full access to your data. Tuxler’s tools can make it quite simple to find a server located in a specific region if you’re searching for one. All you have to do is choose a country or city from the list of destinations in the list.

Unlimited bandwidth

While unlimited bandwidth is available, the free plan’s connection speeds are not exceptionally fast. To enjoy better speed, you need to subscribe to the Premium version, which costs nearly $7.99 monthly.

No split tunneling

Since there is no split tunneling, you cannot access some apps or websites outside of the VPN connection. You can only use the VPN on a certain number of devices. Tuxler supports only Windows and iOS devices and includes a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox users.

Compatible devices

A Tuxler VPN can also be used in macOS, iOS, and Android mobile. The Tuxler VPN is compatible with all major operating systems. you can also enjoy a limitless number of devices linked with the same account. Tuxler provides access to all the most popular platforms, including full extensions for Chrome and Firefox, iPhone, Mac laptops, iOS, Android, and Windows.


Tuxler holds special significance in terms of security. The Tuxler VPN hides your IP address and secures your data making you untraceable. By using tuxlerVPN, you always get secured connections by70000+ fresh IPs.Tuxler aims to protect your IP address and safeguard your identity by keeping you anonymous.  

Customer support

There is a web form you can use to ask for the service you need. The opinions of this VPN’s users are excellent. They provide individualized care and swiftly and safely address inconveniences. On the website of Tuxler VPN, they claim that drop a line we’ll help you and answer your questions. 

Types of Contracts

They are offering their free version for your ease, but if you want to purchase their premium packages, you need to understand their privacy and policy under the law of the United States. They collect their fees monthly from a third party, and you need to know about third-party policies as well so that the tuxler VPN will not be responsible for third-party requirements.

Tuxler VPN offers a variety of options, including access to all locations, 100 daily location changes, secure connections, and unlimited bandwidth. 

Available Countries

Tuxler has approximately 70,000 new IP addresses in 92 countries, many of which speak Spanish, and this is one of its most notable qualities.  Tuxler VPN is available in the following places of the world:

1.  Europe: Most European nations have servers where users can connect to the Tuxler VPN.

2.  America: The two nations with the most servers are Canada and the United States, the latter of which has the greatest number of servers because Tuxler was developed there.

3.  Middle East and Africa: With remarkable performance, Tuxler VPN servers are dispersed throughout Africa in highly strategic locations.

4.  Asia: There are roughly 14 nations in Asia with servers connected to them.

Pros and Cons of Tuxler VPN

Unlimited free VPN
Offers about 70000+ IP addresses
Unblocks some streaming services like Amazon and Hulu prime video
Reliable servers
Easy installation
Low speed
Expensive premium version

Reasons to Choose Tuxler?

It’s free and always will be

Using Tuxler will never cost you a penny unless you subscribe to their premium services. But for this, you should know that you willingly share your IP address in the community pool. This means you’re trading your IP address in return. You can only get out by paying for their services.

Wide selections of locations

As an industry leader, tuxler VPN provides you a mask for hiding your IP address and access all over the by simply downloading the application or extension, choosing your desired location, and starting browsing.

Safe and fresh residential IP’S

Most websites can easily detect a proxy IP and add it to the blacklist, but it will not happen if you use Tuxler VPN. They’re not just the world’s first community-powered provider but also free. They take the VPN business seriously and provide 70000 fresh IPs.

Is Tuxler VPN effective or a scam?

No, Tuxler VPN isn’t a scam at all. But it’s not very effective for free. Sometimes it can’t unblock some websites like Amazon videos etc., but you can subscribe to their premium packages for good quality services. Tuxler VPN is real and effective. Tuxler aims to democratize access to the internet by remaining cost-free indefinitely. This is very enticing, especially for budget-conscious internet users.

Tuxler pricing plans

A completely free service and a full premium service with extremely reasonable rates are both offered by Tuxler VPN. If you want better speed and good website access, you can subscribe to their premium package, which costs $7.99 monthly.

Free VersionFree
Premium Version$7.99

You can pay using the following methods:

  • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Krypto monas, Bitcoin, Litecoin.
  • PayPal.

Tuxler VPN Alternatives

There are some top alternatives to tuxler VPN. They’re as follows

  • FREE HIDE IP is a simple program that can boost your privacy.
  • ZPN CONNECT is a free VPN that allows you to connect to internet security even over unsecured connections.
  • WINDSBSCRIBE is a solid and free VPN service to serve internet security without revealing your IP.
  • URBAN VPN is a security application developed by cyber security Inc. it’s a virtual personal VPN.

You can also choose AMP Browser Extension and VPN.AC Secure Proxy and McAfee Web Boost.

The final verdict

Tuxler VPN is the most up-to-date and secure VPN, which you can use on almost all devices and extensions. The service provider’s network is so vast that they will never compromise the quality of their service. You can give it a try to know about its worth. Moreover, if you don’t want to use this VPN, you can install any of the above-mentioned alternatives. They also work the same. We hope that this review guide was helpful in providing you with all the details about Tuxler VPN.

FAQS about Tuxler VPN

Q1. Will other users of Tuxler VPN use my IP?

Tuxler reveals your Ip to other network users and distributes your information to third parties like marketers. In exchange for the opportunity to connect using other users’ IP addresses, you trade your own IP address. So, the other network users use your IP, and you use other people’s IP. you can hide your IP by subscribing to premium. 

Q2. Does Tuxler VPN work in China?

Tuxler VPN claims to provide Chinese IP addresses. However, it isn’t the best VPN for circumnavigating China’s firewall.

Q3. Does Tuxler VPN store any logs?

Your IP address and other personally identifiable data, such as your name and email address, are stored by Tuxler VPN.

Q4. Is Tuxler VPN really free?

Tuxler VPN comes in both a free and a premium edition. So, you can enjoy the free version without paying to use their regular services.

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